Lopez del CastilloMeet Luis Lopez del Castillo, an artist, currently residing in Miami, FL, and artistically known by his two last names: Lopez del Castillo.  Although, a fairly newcomer to the Miami’s art scene, his work has been showcased in places such as his native Cuba; Milan, Italy; and Los Angeles, California.

Intrigued by his individualistic approach and charismatic personality, we decided to sit down and converse with the artist, in a popular, but intimate Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, CA) coffee shop.  Although, a bit jet-lagged from his 5 hour flight in from Miami, Lopez del Castillo appeared cool, calm and collected, but exuded a kind of jovial enthusiasm when asked about his work:

MN: How do you describe your style?LDC: I work with what is known as “New Figuration”, although I don’t like to be pigeonholed.

MN: Where do you find inspiration? or what inspires you?LDC: There are moments, such as a Sunday’s sunset, which brings a lot of imagination, as if that moment is something definite… also at night, when insomnia kicks in, there are various ideas which visit me, that silence which creates a total complexity.
MN: How have the places in which you’ve lived in influenced you?
LDC: Everything has influenced me, a new place always brings the creation of new memories, moments, images… revisited stories, everything you see as you go has the brand new, child’s eyes effect.  It is always very enriching the experience of a new place.
MN: How long have you painted for? when did you decide you wanted to do art?

"Crazy Dance" by Lopez del Castillo (Acrylic on Canvas - 49x54)

“Crazy Dance” by Lopez del Castillo (Acrylic on Canvas – 49×54)

LDC: I think that you are born creative, you are born an artist, you have a certain way of seeing things that perhaps other people don’t and so you want to express your interpretation of those things on  canvas. Etching was my thing, then I wanted to explore and present installations, but what I was mostly attracted to in painting was the Expressionism modernist movement.

"Duchamp Cigar" by Lopez del Castillo

“Duchamp Cigar” by Lopez del Castillo

MN: Which masters have influenced you or that you admire?

LDC: I think that all the masters have influenced our culture worldwide tremendously.  One of them whom I greatly admire is Henry Mattisse, and I’ve also been influenced by Gerhard Richter.  I admire many artists, including some personal friends of mine.

Lopez del Castillo holds a bachelors degree from The Professional School of Art of Camaguey, Cuba where he was trained on classical techniques.  While in school Lopez del Castillo, was one of the selected few to showcase at the esteemed “Projecto Personal” in the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes, in Habana, Cuba.  While in Milan, Italy, he had various showcases, including artist on residence at the Xpo/Lis Space, and in Palazzo Rossetti, Chietti.

You may see more of his work at http://lopezdelcastillo.tumblr.com


Ethian Hugo

Miami, FL April 15th, 2011 – Celebrity make-up artist Ethian Hugo, recently signed with one of the world’s top model and talent agency, Ford Agency.

Ford will be representing Ethian Hugo as a make-up artist for editorial, fashion shows and commercial assignments in the United States markets.

http://ethianhugo.com | http://www.fordartists.com

Miami, FL February 20th, 2011 – “This is not bar-band music,” Fernando Perdomo says emphatically of Dreaming in Stereo 2, the followup to the band’s remarkable 2009 self-titled debut. Like its predecessor, the new album takes its cue from a distinctly ’70s sound, one that melds the orchestral style of the Moody Blues with the drama and daringness of early ELO.

Released on Perdomo’s own Forward Motion Records imprint, the record is the latest product of an ambitious musical venture, one that’s taking Perdomo and other members of his collective from recent gigs at New York’s famed Living Room nightclub to a showcase spotlight at South by Southwest.

Few other local outfits are as consistently imaginative as Dreaming in Stereo, and indeed the band’s sophomore set takes that adventurous attitude to new heights. The album is draped in an ethereal orchestral sheen captured by shimmering lead guitars, synths, Mellotrons, and a full chorus of angelic harmonies. Perdomo writes the bulk of the material. But in a sense, it’s a more integrated effort than before, with keyboardist and co-vocalist Marisol Garcia, viola player Dave Torre, drummer Eddie Zyne, and bassist Vincent Cuevas stamping their individual imprints on the music’s lavish sonic textures.

And as Perdomo implied with his “bar-band” comment, there’s a challenge in reproducing this music live. If anything, though, that ought to make this Sunday’s CD-release party at the Stage an intriguing proposition. After all, this isn’t exactly a basic batch of songs. The determined surge of opening track “Fill My Sky,” the billowing of ballad “Part of Your Life,” and the drift and lilt of “Summer Is Gone” all attest to the album’s sophisticated sound.

” ‘Enough’s Enough’ was written after attending an Enuf Z’nuff concert,” he recalls. “When I didn’t have a chorus, I sang the name of the band.” He claims that the title of “There’s Music All Around Me” was inspired by actor Dudley Moore’s last words, “according to Wikipedia.” And, he notes, the lyrics to “Gonna Sleep Until Tomorrow” were written via text message.

Regardless of their origins, the material that makes up the bulk of Dreaming in Stereo 2 allows for a fascinating aural encounter. And it’s no exaggeration to say this music man has minted another masterpiece.// by Lee Zimermann for New Times

Lizé drops her last name and her latest single “Besos” on 1/11/11, with new artwork and new music video.

“Besos”, takes listeners on a journey of yearning and infatuation, as it seamlessly traverses trip-hop, pop and rock territories. “It’s a sweet song, its about falling in love, a moment when you’re loosing control” said Lizé.

“Besos” is available on both iTunes and Amazon.

It was the 28th hour of the Miami Music Festival. And out in the Tobacco Road parking lot stage amid broken beer bottles and oil-stained asphalt, Fernando Perdomo and Forward Motion Records laid down a low-key powwow.

The night’s full lineup included Lauren & Alexandra Mann, Lizette Santana, Jill Hartmann, Vic Kingsley, Sylvia Emmerson, and Omine. By midnight, though, the local label’s marquee crews — Dreaming in Stereo and Arboles Libres — were due for some stage time.

Read full article in New Times

New York, N.Y. July 30, 2010 – The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) presented the red carpet screening of TRÓPICO DE SANGRE yesterday, Thursday, July 29 at 7 PM at the Columbia Univ. Alumni Auditorium. Tickets were sold out and the media press was over capacity.

The NYILFF has been presented by HBO® for the past 11 years. Tropico de Sangre was sponsored by Heineken.

The film director Juan Delancer, producer Joan Giacinti were present, as well as cast members Michelle Rodríguez, who played Minerva Mirabal, Juan Fernandez (Trujillo), Sergio Carlo (Manolo Tavarez), Celines Toribio (Dedé Mirabal), actor Liche Ariza, actress Luchi Estevez, among other celebrities and talent that were present such as Henry Santos Jeter from the band group Aventura, singer and actress Lizette Santana, host Patsy Arias, rocker Wilda Mendez, festival founder Calixto Chinchilla, Univisión hosts and many other industry personalities.

“Tropico de Sangre” is a film centered on the political history of the Mirabal sisters who would come to represent the greatest threat to the regime of Dominican dictator Trujillo in the 1960’s.
This movie is an action, thriller, drama. Full of suspense, humor and deeply moving, especially for those whom have known the real life story for decades. As the film director himself described it “this time, I feel, we have better contextualize the story, placing it in a more relevant time and space with our idiosyncrasies and history.”

Past films about the Mirabal sisters and Rafael Trujillo dictatorship, includes “In time of the Butterflies” produced and starred by Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, which was based from Julia Alvarez’s fiction novel by the same name.

The Mirabal sisters were involved in an underground movement to rid Trujillo’s dictatorship. They were known by the name “the butterflies” within their clandestine political movement group. After the sisters’ numerous imprisonments and release, on November 25, 1960, Trujillo sent men to intercept the three women after they visited their husbands in prison. The unarmed sisters were led into a sugarcane field and executed. Their car was later thrown off of a mountain known as La Cumbre, in order to make their deaths look like an accident. Months later, on the night of Tuesday, May 30, 1961, Trujillo was shot dead by an ambush lead by Antonio de La Maza, who was played by actor Cesar Evora. In 1999, the United Nations established the day of November 25th, as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to commemorate the murder of the three Mirabal sisters.

The only surviving sister Dedé Mirabal, also starred in the film, she was also played by actress Celines Toribio. Ms. Dedé Mirabal still lives in the same household they all grew up. She has been responsible for keeping their legend alive. At 85 years old, she has recently released her first and only book about her sisters and events called “Vivas en su jardin” (“Alive in their garden”), published by Vintage Español/Random House Publishing.//

Rocstar, Inc. collaborated with Panorama Latino magazine for their March 2010 issue.

Rocstar, Inc. produced the cover photos and interview which features Ms. Dede Mirabal, clothing by designer Carlos De Moya.  Ms. Mirabal talked about her new book “Vivas en su jardin”,  turning 85 years old and legacy. Interview by Nikki Santana.

Contributed the New York Fashion Week coverage article, as well as the movies and music reviews.

Also, we interviewed film director Juan Delancer on his upcoming movie “Tropico de Sangre” about the Mirabal Sisters, starring Michelle Rodriguez, who recent work includes the highest ranking, oscar winner movie “Avatar”

Celebrity make-up artist Ethian Hugo contributed a make-up beauty tips article.

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